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La Cosmopolatina Features Traveling Latina

A few weeks ago, La Cosmopolatina approached me for an interview to feature me as one of their Cosmopolatinas. Needless to say, I am super excited to see the interview live on their site. I have included a snippet of it below and a link for your viewing pleasure:

Ana Serafin

Ana Serafin
City you live in: 
Chicago, IL but I was raised in Caracas, Venezuela.
Occupation and why? 
Senior Account Executive-Hispanic Public Relations; I fell in love with PR when I got the chance to do my first program for Easter Seals and noticed how much more one can connect with the consumer than what you can through Marketing or Advertising.
A regular day consists of? 
Catching up with my Twitter feed while I commute to the office. Plan and execute programs for clients from 9-5pm. Then either head to grad school or home where I dream about my next escape from Chicago. Sometimes I workout, other times I am cooking or baking my favorite cupcakes.

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