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In 2005, I got the chance to travel to Singapore as part of a short-term study abroad program that University of Illinois offered. Although it was probably the longest flight I have ever taken, I did get a chance to fly with one of the world's best airlines...Singapore Airlines. It was an amazing experience from the moment you step on the plane to the meal and its beverages, by far the best airline out there.

I bring this all up because I recently saw an article in the Chicago Tribune listing the best airline food out there here is there top three airlines with the best food:

1. Singapore Airlines: "Offers a consistent high-quality product in all passenger cabins. Its economy-class meals are tasty, surprising and filling." --This is definitely true! I must agree with this review.

2. Cathay Pacific Airlines: "Economy-class meals are tasty and generous. Its premium meals sometimes look like works of art."--I can't wait! I am actually traveling with Cathay Pacific Airlines for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong and Thailand.

3. Emirates Airlines: "Even in economy class, passengers can expect savory dishes with generous portions, comparable to some U.S. domestic first-class service offerings."--My brother got the chance to travel with them last year and was raving about his experience. One thing he kept on reiterating is the quality of service is over the top and fantastic.

Of course this list is not all about the best airline food, it also listed the worst three airline food...and many of you won't be surprised about these:

source: The Consumerist
1. United Airlines--can not even agree more! even with the improvements that they have made it is still no bueno.

2. US Airways--still not surprised...

3. Alitalia--well for this one I was actually a little bit surprised. I have traveled with them before and the food was good but not as fabulous as Singapore airlines.

What do you guys think? Are these ratings by the Tribune fair?

--Traveling Latina

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