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Part II: Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide

If you hadn't had a chance to see part I of the Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide, I recommend you to check it out! I was already told by a few people that they shared some items from the first list to their loved ones so they can get it for Christmas. I decided to do a second part of the gift guide to include some ideas that I felt were missing from the first one...so here they go:

Give the Gift of Miles: You would be surprised what $50 can buy you on American Airlines or United Airlines miles. If you or your loved one is looking to take a nice long trip to anywhere around the world next year, I highly recommend jump starting their "savings" by giving them a few miles.

Ray-Recharge Naturally: It has happened to many of us, we jump on a long flight and our tablet, iPod or laptop battery starts to die. Well here is the solution that we have been looking for: Ray is a solar powered charger for electronic gadgets, just place the suction cup on the window of the plane and it will capture sunlight to provide us electricity!

Reusable travel-size containers: Looking to ways to give a neat gift that every traveler can use? give them a kit with travel-size containers. Tamperseal.com provides some great options for a low price and will last a long time.
Magellan's Tweakers Portable Mini Speakers ($37.50): If you love music and always wished you could play it just a little louder in your hotel room or out camping, etc. these mini speakers are for you. Small and convenient, you can easily fit into your luggage and will always be able to have a "party" in your hotel room.

Amazon Kindle Fire ($199): every traveler likes to keep in touch with their family and friends, what better way to do it than to have the internet in your finger tips and not have to carry a bulky laptop?! The Kindle Fire provides you the access to entertainment from reading, to playing games, listening to music, to checking your facebook all for the value of $199 instead of $400 like some other tablets. I just bought mine a few days ago and I am in love!

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