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Open Letter to All Women Around the World

In lieu of today's celebration, if you didn't know already it is International Women's Day, I would like to write an open letter to all of the women out there that has impacted my life one way or another. This letter is for you!

To the woman who gave me my first breath of life and taught me how to be strong, I thank you for everything you have given me.

This woman is the same one that always told me to strive for big dreams and whenever I couldn't achieve them was the shoulder I leaned one.

This is the same one who always listened to me when things didn't go right in relationships and when worked sucked and needed to vent.

This is the same person who will always tell you they love you and come up with nicknames to make you feel loved and special.

This person is the one that makes you laugh and will never forget your birthday.

She knows your favorite songs and is willing to listen to your "shower voice", heck she may even join you when you are singing or making an ass out of yourself when you are karaoking in front of thousands of strangers...maybe even sing 'Drops of Jupiter' in foreign countries.

This lady is the same one that can tick you off but sometimes we may confuse it with "she is pms'ing."

She will tell you if you look fat, skinny, if you need to eat a burger, or if honey your outfit is not looking cute today.

She will also be your role model and help you find opportunities to grow in your career.

She will be your "tipping point" and will connect you with the right people so you can flourish in your professional life.

This lady is the lady of all ladies and will always show you respect but if you cross her she will not hold back on her words to defend herself.

She is international in all rights and has traveled the world, heck she has even invited you to come with her to explore new places and experience new things that you wouldn't have done on your own or even in a lifetime.

This is the same person that loves watching movies with you, from the sappy love ones to the dramatic silent movies. And afterwards you get some food to talk about how much you loved or hated the movie.

This woman that I describe is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, a godmother, a girlfriend, a wife or a wifey, a firm believer that without her "girlfriend/sister" she wouldn't have been able to overcome everything in life...this is you.

Thank you for being the woman that you are and don't you ever forget that.

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