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It's Possible to go to Hawaii! [Guest Post]

Are you like me, that every time you hear about someone going to Hawaii all you do is dream about going to  Hawaii? I hear all these amazing things about these beautiful islands but I can't seem to find a way to get out there. I know, I know, if there is a will there is a way, but my biggest issue has always been budget. Normally, the airfare from Chicago to Hawaii is about the same price range as if you were traveling to Europe; so I always end up going to Europe and never make it out to Hawaii.

This year, I am making it my mission this year to find some great tips on how to travel to Hawaii at a low cost and that is where my dear friend Sylvia from Latina con Estilo Elocuente comes in! She recently went to Hawaii with her family and in a budget (which is a priority for me while traveling!). So she has been kind enough to share with you today her experience traveling to Hawaii and some tips on how you can get there with a low budget. Click on the image below to read more:

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