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Use Social Media For Your Next Trip

We've all been there, you jump on Facebook see pictures of your friends recent trip to Jamaica or Italy and you tell yourself ”ah! I really want to go on a vacation” but then you ponder where to go and decide that for now let's ask my Facebook friends where I should take my next vacation. You know you have done it, I will admit to it, I've done it several times! Your friends respond you get some ideas and then the rest is history!

Or at least that's how easy they made it seem in the commercia for Microsoft Bing. They show a young guy using Bing and social media to book his whole trip to Hawaii! He gets tipsfrom friends and friends of friends and has an awesome time in this beautiful destination!

Isn't that basically what we do when we get to a destination, ask locals where to go? Well why not use social media to help you out!? So are you ready to plan your next vacation with a little help from your friends?

As I sit here on my way to Miami for a business trip, I started to read my favorite travel magazine Travel & Leisure. In their July edition, they wrote a really fascinating article titled ”How Social Media Will Change the Way You Travel” they listed out some awesome social media sites that if you use them correctly will give you everything you are looking for when planning yout trip. Here are some of the sites they mentioned along with their reasoning as to why they are useful for travelers:

1. Gogobot: A website and iPhone app that will send your queries about a specific place to your Twitter and Facebook networks and for extra assistance to the site's own members.

2. Tripbirds: Figures out who on your Facebook, Foursquare, and Instagram networks has been to a destination and directs your questions to them.

3. Twigmore: Analyzes your Facebook contacts to put you in touch with friends and friends of friends in cities worldwide.

4. Wipolo: Builds an intinerary from the confirmation e-mails you've forwarded to it, then shares the plan with your Facebook friends for comments.

5. Foursquare: The explore feature in this app displays listings, reviews, and pictures, with places that people in your network have visited shown first.

6. Foodspotting: Similar to Foursquare but focused on dining. When users check in to a restaurant, they can also submit a photo of a fish.

Have you had a chance to use any of these apps while traveling? If so, would love to know your thoughts on them.

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