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Education Has Changed My life

One thing that many people know about is that I come from parents whom their whole life all they did was go to school. Okay, well maybe not their whole life but a good chunk of it! They both got PhD's in their respective areas and have pushed my brother and I to always strive for our dreams while making sure that excellent education was always available.It is thanks to the parents that I have, and their persistence in higher education that why I believe I am the successful person that I am today. 
My parents and I at my graduation brunch
 My parents were born in poverty and if you meet them now, you would've never thought that! One of them is retired but living the life that he wants to live by traveling to U.S. to visit his kids, shopping and cooking whenever he wants, etc. My mother, is still working, but she is well recognized within the higher education field and is a woman that has inspired many others to continue on striving for their dreams. Hearing the struggles that my parents went through makes me believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty. 

After graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign within four years (compared to the rest of Hispanic population 51 percent of Hispanic students who start college complete a bachelor's degree in six years, compared with 59 percent of white students.) I went to work within my field and later on found out that a Master's degree was in need for me to become a specialist within my area. I struggled with my GRE but it was thanks to my core group/support system I applied to graduate school, went through two years of working and going to school full-time and just recently graduated from graduate school at DePaul University with a Master of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising. Thanks to school, I got a great job, thanks to the job I am able to fulfill my hobby which is traveling!
With my graduate school, cap and gown
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DisclosureI was compensated for this post by the Neutrogena Wave for Change. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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