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Help Bullying Victim Reach His Travel Dreams!

When I moved to the United States in 1995, I was bullied at my local public junior high school and it was for things such as my accent (because I was one of the few Latina in a school that was majority Caucasian) and because the kids noticed that it wasn't bothering me so much they started to come up with lies about my sexuality, personality, etc. That was by far the worst 6 months of my life until my mother noticed how much this bullying was affecting me that she transferred me to a private catholic school and the bullying completely stopped. 

Now I am not bashing public schools (although I don't like them at all due to my personal experience) but the point I am trying to get to is that because I was bullied I didn't let that stop me from achieving my dreams, which is to be the person that I am today: explore the world and use education as a way to achieve professionals dreams. So when myTab shared with me their story about Ben, I just had to write this post and share with you guys Ben and myTab's story. It is one that is inspiring and I hope that you can support him as he achieves his traveling dreams:

"After years of being teased and bullied at school, Hobart Indiana resident, Ben, found himself gaining weight and starting down an unhealthy path as a result of his day to day traumas.

By the age of 20 he found he was too out of breath to play with his nephew, and decided he needed to take control of his health and make some big life changes. He created goals for himself as he set off on a weight loss journey- and joined  myTab- a travel fundraising resource, to motivate himself while funding the trip of his dreams.

Ben has lost 100 pounds and pledged to lose a further 40lbs to celebrate his ideal weight success- and new found confidence- by hitting the beaches of Brazil.  He believes that “with travel our lives change and we become better, more understanding people.” He hopes to encounter new inspiring places and looks forward to meeting new people because “making friends is another way we change."

I mean just check out these before and after pictures of Ben! 

So if you get a chance, please visit Ben's tab learn more about his journey as he gets ready to go to Brazil and if you can help him out that would be great as well! He still needs some support to make his dream trip a reality!

Also I leave you here some brief information about myTab so you too can learn more about this awesome organization that can help you raise funds for any occasion:

myTab was created by Heddi Cundle and functions as an online a travel gift card, allowing trip planners to post a profile and socially promote the travel experience they’re raising money for.
They also started a Fundable account to help fundraise investment revenues/capital so we can promote myTab and ultimately encourage more people to use myTab for their dream travels http://www.fundable.com/mytabco So more people like Ben or anyone really wanting that big trip that they’ve put off for years, or for any celebration travel – can use myTab.

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