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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation!

Over the last couple of years, I have had to travel a lot more often (a lot of it is because of work) so I had to learn a couple of tricks to make sure I never forget anything (although sometimes it happens!) especially those "must-need" items. 

I think the best advice any busy traveler can give to another one is to grab your itinerary and look at the following details:

1. How many days are you staying there? (this will help you with the amount of underwear you must take and bathing suits!)
2. What activities are y0u going to be doing? (are you going to a wedding? are you going on your honeymoon? etc.)

Once you can answer those questions you can start to layout all of your clothes for each day. So as I get ready to head to Dominican Republic, for a week long vacation, I have laid out all the fun and sexy little beach items/clothing that I am planning on wearing and highly recommend for anyone to pick up! Here are my top 10 items you must pack for your next beach vacation:
1. Bright Fun Colored Dresses. If you are heading to the beach you must wear fun bright colors! I mean just imagine how great the dresses are going to look on you with a little suntan. 
2. Maxi Dresses are a Must! I am a lover of Maxi dresses they are long, comfy, perfect for when you just want to lounge around and lay on the sand and watch the sunset with your honey without having to get sand all over your legs. 
3. Bright Pants and Bright Tops. It's in all the magazines, super stars and models wearing bright pants and contrasting tops that flatter and make you feel easy and breezy!
4. Swimsuits. You can't  go on a beach vacation without packing a swimsuit. Actually, if you were to walk away from this post with one thing should be this... every time you pack for any kind of trip even to Alaska, pack your bathing suit! You never know if the hotel you are staying at will have a hot tub or an indoor pool!
5. Cover Ups. I am not too crazy about bikini's but when I do wear one, I make sure to always wear a nice lose cover up that flatters the body and covers some of my natural imperfections (yeah I'm definitely not a model but clothes help out this Latina figure!)
6. Workout Clothes. So many of us work out and change our eating diets to make sure we look amazing in our bathing suits, but just because you go on vacation it doesn't mean that you need to stop working out so pack one or two workout options and your favorite sneakers. I am for sure taking my bright pink neons! 
7. Sunblock. I am all about laying out by the pool and in the sun but I am not about to burn my skin just to look extra dark (even though I have done so a few times!) I'm going to make sure to pack my friendly sunblock...one that I have grown keen on probably because they are my client is Aveeno's Continuous Protection SPF 30

8. Sun Hat and Sunglasses. Hot, bright, sunny days require a nice sun hat and your cutest sunglasses. Make sure to pack those since your eyes and scalp definitely need protection while you are out in the sun. 
9. Shoes! I love shoes but do you really need all ten pairs of shoes that you started to pack in your luggage? I think not! So go through all your dresses and cute outfits and see if you find one pair of shoes that can go with all of them...for me you can't go wrong with Tom's wedges or tan sandals they always go well with everything and are super comfy. Also make sure to pack that one pair of flip flops especially when you are heading to the pool. don't want to burn your precious little feet on the cement floor! I normally pack 3 - 4 pairs of shoes for beach trips and most of them are pretty flat so they easily fit in my carry on. 
10. Passport and Travel Book. If you are traveling out of the country like how I am in a couple of days, then don't forget to pack that passport (also make sure it is not expired, phew! I got lucky mine expires in September). And definitely don't forget to pack a travel book/guide, I hate looking like a tourist but there's nothing worse than not knowing your way around so buy those Lonely Planet books and get your reading on, on the destination you are heading to that way you can be a savvy tourist!

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