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10 Ways to Become a Prepared Traveler

If you haven't noticed, I love infographics and especially the ones that are quick to read and provide some really informative information such as this one I recently received that lists 10 ways you can become a prepared traveler. I am definitely using this as a check list as I get ready to head on to my week long vacation to Dominican Republic. 

The first three that they list are necessary and I hope that if you are a savvy traveler you have those items checked off way before you even start packing! You should always carry a copy of your passport & visas, emergency cab fare and never leave your luggage out of your sight!

If you are doing long trips always pack a little snack whether it be trail mix, peanuts, chips etc. sometimes airlines take a little longer to serve you your entree so might as well have something that can hold you up a bit.

And lastly, I highly recommend no matter what country you are visiting to always secure your valuables (iPad, cellphones, passports, jewelry, etc.) in the hotel safe. I've lost track of the amount of people who I personally know that have been robbed inside their hotel rooms and for things super valuable like an iPad!

Hope this list serves you handy!

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