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My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

Traveling a lot can teach you a few things about what you can and can't tolerate...and don't lie to yourself you know you have a list of pet peeves too. Although, I probably have the longest list possible, I am not going to bore with them all but I will share with you my top 5 travel pet peeves:

Shoes Off for Security
This is probably on everyone's list but seriously TSA no one wants to take off their shoes and get other peoples nasty germs on their feet. USA needs to learn a thing or two from the Europeans, check out these fancy little plastic bootie bags they give you so you don't have to be barefoot while going through security checkpoint!

Slow People Going Through Security
Come on people! Read the signs, you know you can't have change or anything metal while going through security. And you really know that liquids aren't allowed unless they are travel size approved. So why are you holding up the line?
source: gamecollage.com

Screaming Babies
Babies are cute and adorable. Even more so when they are starting to talk and walk, but I don't have kids and I am not planning to have any soon  and there is nothing more annoying to me than being on a plane with a screaming baby. I just can't deal with it especially if I had the night or travel day of hell or during an 14 hour flight to Hong Kong...not cool lady. I always tell people the day I have kids I am going to give them baby Tylenol and have them fall asleep that way they don't disturb travelers like myself.
source: airfarewatchdog.com

Large Carry On's
I'm guilty of this one but I try not to do it all the time. The overhead compartment can only take on so much and an extra large or over packed carry on shouldn't be allowed on the plane, period! It irks me when I see these ladies trying to 1. lift their luggage and they can't because it is too heavy and 2. push other people's stuff around and even moving it somewhere else so their luggage can fit. Not cool!

source: empowerednews.net
Can You Please Wait!
I don't understand when I see people standing up super quick once the plane gets to the gate. I mean you know who  those people are, the ones that grab their stuff and rush to try to get to the door first! Seriously, calm down. No need for all that pushing and shoving, all you are doing is getting other people angry.
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