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From the moment I got out of my cab and into the hotel you can smell two things in the French Quarter area of New Orleans: cheap booze and delicious food. The combination doesn’t sound so appealing but as I started walking around the streets it just seemed like a natural fit.

New Orleans or how the Spanish originally called it Nueva Orleans is one of those cities that you will never understand why you should go until you finally go. There is more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras but those two legends are what makes this city rich (financially that is). New Orleans is a city where blue grass can be heard in any corner, you can get a delicious homemade meal in minutes and see so much history in just on district.

I had always heard about this city being party central and tons of fun, but what most young people don’t know about New Orleans is that it is a city with fine cuisine. You can take cooking lessons at the world famous New Orleans Cooking School in the French Quarter and then what right across the street and have probably the best po’ boy sandwich of your life at Johnny’s. The food was so delicious that I must share with you all the spots I visited, first stop Domenica
Domenica restaurant
Chef John Besh was smart to put his restaurant inside the Roosevelt hotel because it is located in probably one of the most visited hotels and which helps bring in a lot of guest. However, we weren’t staying there and word of mouth and the mouthwatering pizzas that we saw through the window were enough to make us stop and walk in for a quick dinner. 

The menu was rich with options you could get anything from intricate flavors of pizza to the simplest margheritas and have a Octopus Carpaccio and risotto for dinner (which was what I had). I couldn’t resist ordering the Octopus Carpaccio which was finely cut and then seasoned with delicate vinaigrette that completed the whole plate; really simple dish but absolutely delicious. 

As my main entrée I went for the white truffle risotto with bacon. It wasn’t a large plate like how you would normally get at any Italian restaurant but it had enough to satisfy my hunger. The bacon was infused into these little croutons that make each bite a fun little surprise. If you are not a truffle lover this dish is not for you because that is the main flavor you will taste from the beginning to the end.

I did get a chance to try the prosciutto pizza which was so well done that if I hadn’t eaten that entire bowl of risotto I would’ve eaten that entire pizza. I am a huge prosciutto lover so this pizza was made just for me.
Cafe Du Monde
Second stop the famous Cafe du Monde! "You can't go to New Orleans without having coffee and a couple of beignets at Cafe du Monde" is what everyone told me when I said I was heading to New Orleans for the weekend. So of course I was going to make a quick stop and early in the morning because the lines there get extremely long during peak hours. We arrived there and immediately ordered our coffees and orders of delish sugary beignets. If you don't know what a beignet is, it is a little piece of dough that is fried and then sprinkled with tons and tons of powdered sugar so when you bite into it, it immediately gives you this sugar rush feeling that you will need as you walk around the town. 

My biggest tip for Cafe du Monde--make sure to wear light colored clothes because the sugar tends to be a bit messy and if you wear black you will regret it! 
Johnny's Po-Boys
You can't go to New Orleans and not eat a po'boy which is a french bread sandwich that can be filled with almost every kind of meat you can think of and includes lettuce, tomato, mayo and pickles. And of course if you are going to eat a po' boy in New Orleans, all the locals will tell you to head to Johnny's Po-Boys
N'awlin's Cafe
Of course another spot in the French Quarter to check out is the French Market where you can find everything from fresh vegetables, fruit, souvenirs, seasonings, and especially food stands! If you stop in the market and you are hungry you need to check out N'awlin's Cafe this hot spot is one that many celebs have gone to visit! They are also known for their po' boys but as well for their hot sauce/spices. I ordered the spicy crab po' boy and it was so amazingly good even though I wasn't able to finish the sandwich (slightly hungover from the bachelorette party the night before!). The spicy kick in the sandwich was perfect but warning if you don't eat spicy food then do not order this sandwich.
Sweet Tea Brined Rotisserie at MiLa
My last spot during this fantastic but short trip was MiLa Restaurant that is located inside the Marriott hotel. This was my absolute favorite spot, the service, the food, the drinks was all on point. The items I ordered and highly recommend getting are starting with the Sauteed Shrimp Salad it has asparagus, marinated mushrooms, ramp vinaigrette, and vadouvan spice.  For entree I ordered the Sweet Tea Brined Rotisserie Duck (see pic below) it came with wilted farm greens, roasted beets, and date reduction. It was absolutely delicious and a big meal, one that I would absolutely share with someone the next time I visit NOLA and MiLa. Kuddos to Chef Allison and Slade for putting this fantastic restaurant together and serving some of the best dishes I've tried.
Sauteed Shrimp Salad at MiLa

Lunch with Chef Aaron Sanchez

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