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Reaching My Goals #DestapaSuFuturo

"Gorda, a cual universidad quieres ir a estudiar?"--my mom
"I don't know mom, I'm only in 8th grade!"-me
"Eso no importa!"-my mom
"Okay I guess Western Michigan University where you and dad went"--me
"No esta mal esa idea! Pero piensa en otras mas grandes como University of Illinois"--my mom
"Okay mom pero todavia falta para ese dia"--me

This was a typical conversation my mom and I had ever since I turned 12 years old. She was very persistent that I needed to go to college. One thing you need to notice is that she always asked 'where are you going to school' not what are you going to study, which is one that many of my peers was used to hearing. I honestly believe that the way my mom asked me my question always made me see that I needed to make going to and completely college my goal. But little did I know that the day I got to college, it was going to be the day that I discovered how much my family roots from being passionate about education to the love of our Venezuelan culture was going to really shape my adulthood.

Going to school and living on my own taught me how much I loved the lessons that my family taught me and how my culture is one that no one can take away from me. I enjoyed my cultura so much that I told myself that I wanted to work in a sector that can be hand in hand with my community. After I left school, I realized public relations is what I wanted to do and working on campaigns for the Hispanic community is one that was a passion point. Why? Well till this date Hispanics don't have a voice with many large brands in major corporations so I wanted to be the one to tell them you need to pay attention to this community because: We are smart, we are leaders, and we are shaping this country. 

My passion for my culture is what helped me find my amor to travel and explore other cultures as well as to pursue the career that I enjoy right now. It is this persistence to try to reach bigger goals that has lead me to start my travel blog; even though I had a college professor tell me I had ESL issues. I tell everyone, if you love what you do then everything else will just come easily, but take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you. My only regret in life is that I never took advantage of organizations such as Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Coca-Cola who are offering great opportunities to young Latinos to help them pay for their school. I have massive amounts of student debt (which I don't regret!) but it would've been nicer if I didn't have them at all! 
That is why it is great to hear how Coca-Cola has had an extraordinary relationship with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund for more than 30 years and are committed to helping them meet their goal of having a college degree in every Latino household by the year 2025.  From now through October 31st, students can apply for a scholarship at www.hsf.net/cocacola by answering three thought-provoking essay questions. Students must reflect on how their heritage affects their career goals, the importance of education in their lives and their community service experiences. So if you are student or parent with a student getting ready to go to school then I encourage you to fill out the HSF application. 

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Latina Bloggers Connect However, all opinions expressed here are solely mine.

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