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A lot has been going on the last couple of months with my blog and it is all thanks to the constant connections and interactions I have had with not only some great blogger friends but also with brands. So I thought to put together a quick recap to share with you guys my latest news:

1. Thanks to Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, I have had a chance to write two stories for Latina.com and have been approved to write one more. Here are the links to my two stories that are live on their site:

2. I was one of two Latina Lifestyle Bloggers invited to be correspondents at the Latino Fashion Week that happened the first week of October. Post on this experience to come soon!

Reuniting with fabulous friend designer, Nick Verreos from Project Runway and Nikolaki.
3. Got the chance to learn more about the fast paced heart beat racing sport called NASCAR. The fabulous NASCAR team invited four Latino influencers to an event here in Chicago and we got a chance to briefly meet and interview Juan Pablo Montoya. A post on this fabulous experience and video coming soon!

Meet and Greet with Juan Pablo Montoya
4. Nissan Altima has approached me to work on a few pieces for them as a blogger ambassador. Giveaways along with reviews will come soon for this opportunity so be on the look out for them!

5. Headed to New York Fashion Week with my blogger friend Bren Herrera and got a chance to discover a new beauty brand called Artistry. Ever since I started using their three step daily routine my face has cleared up and never felt better than before. They even shared with me the travel size versions of this collection. This is another post that I will make sure you all see, especially the before and after pictures!

6. AND the last item I have to share which is super exciting is that I was featured in El Sentinel de Orlando along with two other blogger friends to talk about our travel blogging experiences and how it has impacted our lives. This is the first time I have been featured in a newspaper and it is such an honor to be recognized as a Latina travel blogger influencer.

Thanks again everyone for your constant support and especially for reading and sharing my stories with others.

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