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Take Time to Unwind: Top 6 Destinations to Splurge on a Winter Vacation Home

Winter is coming up fast, and around the country many people are considering where they should vacation for part of the cold season. Although some vacationers travel to different locations each winter, some families choose to invest in a winter home to visit every year.

Across the country, there is no shortage of fantastic winter vacation home destinations. In order to select a great spot that will allow them to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people should think about what they like to do the most during the colder months. One tip: in order to keep both their regular home and vacation getaway as secure as possible, winter travelers should definitely invest in home alarm systems for both of their properties. This can be a valuable asset if one of your homes is left unattended for several months at a time.

If you're in the market for a cold-weather abode, the following six destinations are sure to provide travelers with a warm and cozy place to hang their hats this winter:

Breckenridge, Colorado

Those who have skiing at the top of their vacation to-do list should definitely check out Breckenridge for their winter vacation home. According to an article on TripAdvisor, the area offers some of the country’s best ski trails, as well as amazing shopping, spas and dining options.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This town, which is in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, offers a vast assortment of winter activities including ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. The town’s website noted that art galleries, the breathtaking scenery and shopping opportunities also help make Gatlinburg an ideal location for a winter getaway home.

South Lake Tahoe, California

Looking for sun? TripAdvisor notes that this area enjoys 300-plus days of sunny weather every year. In addition to its winter sports, the area is known for scenic beauty and gorgeous homes. For anyone looking to purchase a winter vacation home, South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination.

Jacksonville, Florida

For those who are looking for a warmer winter getaway, CNBC.com lists this city as one of the best areas in which to purchase a vacation home. As the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville features 20 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches along with all of the amenities that are typically found in a big city, including sumptuous dining, exciting nightlife and great shopping.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles offers something for everyone. Close to beaches, Disneyland and Hollywood, Los Angeles has also experienced a decline in home prices, which makes it a prime location for a winter vacation house. The sunny and warm weather combined with a bevy of attractive real estate makes the City of Angels an ideal spot to spend at least part of every cold season.

San Diego, California

Further down the California coast is friendly and gorgeous San Diego. The CNBC article notes that the city ranks on Top 10 lists for all sorts of categories, including the best places to live, the wealthiest areas and the safest cities. Known for its attractive beaches, parks and mild weather, San Diego would also make an outstanding location for any winter getaway.

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