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Explore New Mexico this Winter

New Mexico is full of rich culture and Spanish architecture that gives credence to the nickname Land of Enchantment. Positioned in the Southwestern region of the US, it is a Mountain State cradled in the wake of the Oregon and Sangre de Cristo ranges. The modern-day urbanity is a mash up of Indian and Spanish traditions. When planning your next vacation, consider the elegance and vibrant landscapes found in the New Mexican Land of Enchantment.

Play It Up

New Mexico is home to some of the best casino gaming in the Southwest. If you're a fan of online casinos in general, you'll be primed and ready for a full-on gaming experience at one of New Mexico's 24 gaming spots. Boasting some big name spots like the Hard Rock Resort and Casino, the Land of Enchantment has everything you need to enjoy slots, cards and bingo.

The Museums of Santa Fe

If you are a history enthusiast, New Mexico offers both American Indian and Spanish chronicles. Originally represented by the indigenous Clovis culture of the Paleo-Indian tribes, the 16th century brought an infusion from the south. Santa Fe was one of the first settlements. The museums of this area give a glimpse of life in both past and present New Mexico.

Santa Fe’s Museum Hill sits just off the Old Santa Fe trail and is full of Spanish Colonial exhibits. From art to historic relics, Santa Fe has is one vacation spot that highlights the vast ethnicity and rich heritage of the area. If you live close by and are searching for the perfect day trip,

Santa Fe museums

offer Friday discounts throughout the summer.

Inn of the Mountain Gods

What do you get when you mix New Mexican culture with entertainment and fine amenities?β€”The Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Mescalero. Nested in the mountains, this locale provides all the little extras that you get from an inn with the luxury of a resort and casino. The property highlights some of the historic culture found in New Mexico. It starts with the art exhibits placed in key areas around the site. From there, guests enjoy the full service benefits of a resort from fine dining to a fully equipped gym.

Nighttime is as exciting as the days of golfing and skiing. The Inn of the Mountain Gods brings in

prime acts

such as Ronnie Dunn and Ray Stevens for evening entertainment. If you prefer, spend the nights listening to local talent and movies. For a vacation that suits everyone in the family, consider relaxation time at this resort and casino in the heart of New Mexico.

Go to the Market

Santa Fe offers

two distinctive marketplaces

that give travelers a taste of the exquisite life and history of New Mexico. The Spanish Market on the Plaza each year features local Hispanic artists. This is the oldest juried Spanish art show in the United States. It offers 350 different artists an opportunity to display their work. In addition, visitors enjoy live music, demonstrations and lots of food. The Spanish market specializes in Santeros artisans from Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

To enjoy the flip side of New Mexican culture, visit the annual Indian Market. Since 1922, the Indian Market has been showcasing local talent at its downtown venue. The goal of the show is to promote Native American arts and crafts. Either marketplace will give you an opportunity to own some original art from the two cultures that make up this state.

If you're going to New Mexico, chances are you are going for the culture, but you get much more. Stunning mountain views and vibrant architecture are everywhere you look in this colorful state. Online casinos are fine for after work, but when it's time to relax, you'll find everything you need in the Land of Enchantment of New Mexico.

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