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Stuck in a rut trying to find the perfect gift for that one family member in your life that is always traveling?  Traveling Latina has put together a last minute holiday gift guide post for you to rely on, for those that have seen the world and could always use one or two things that will help them make their trips just a little more enjoyable!

Learn a New Language!
Give your loved one an awesome Rosetta Stone package that they can use to learn a new language within a few weeks!  Right now they have an awesome deal for a low cost of $375, check out their site here.The best part about this recommendation is that you can also get a chance to learn a new language because our friends at Rosetta Stone are giving away two months worth of online courses that you can use to learn any language such as French, Italian, or even Mandarin! Just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below:
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This is the perfect gift to give to those travel divas who always have to have their hair tools in check! And even more so for that one lady who is super organized in the bathroom like my mother and myself. The Hot Iron Holster allows you to safely put any hot items like your flat iron, blow dryer, or curling iron on top of it while it sticks to your bathroom counter top  The best part is that it folds up easily and doesn't take ANY room at all in your luggage. 
For the little traveler in your life: The Little Passports
That little expert traveler who loves geography and adventure will love this gift because it allows them to learn about other states and countries through their USA and World edition. The subscription-based kits are delivered to your home each month and introduce your child to different states or a new country. The main characters, Sam and Sofia, act as travel guides and your child will delight in reading a letter from one of them each month. Both kits include a wall-sized map, field guides, activities, and post cards, as well as access to more information online.  
Artistry Essentials
Artistry has an amazing line called Essentials that offers a daily care routine that your skin will appreciate immediately! The best part about this line is that they sell the complete daily routine in a travel size which is awesome because the last thing you want to do to your skin when it is not at home, is changing its skin routine. It's exfoliating cleanser, renewing toner and protective moisture all designed to simplify your routine and magnify your results. 

One of the things that kills me about traveling to different time zones is the time change. I not only feel completely disoriented but also my immune system seems to get a bit upset. I had the chance to try SmartMune which helped balance everything in my body and quickly adapt to the new time zone. This is something I highly recommend for those travelers that are constantly going from east coast to west coast or even abroad!
Lonely Planet Books
I had the chance to review two amazing books that Lonely Planet published this year and highly recommend both of them as gifts to others: Best in Travel 2013 and Food Lover's Guide to The World. They offer great travel ideas, amazing photos and most of all great tips on how to explore each location they are recommending. 

Bella Vita iPhone Wristlet
One of the things I like to do when I am traveling is carry everything in small compartments so when I saw this wristlet I had to get it! What a great way to carry your phone plus a couple of cards and your ID without having to carry your large wallet and purse. This is not only great for traveling but for a night out with your girls in town. 

disclosure: some of the brands provided their products and services for me to experience and review. all thoughts in this post are 100% my own.

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