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Long Layover? Here's How to Make the Time Fly

You've been sitting on a plane (or spending hours going through customs) and now you are sitting in the airport waiting for your connecting flight. Though you are surrounded by people stuck in your same situation, everyone seems to be doing the same thing: nothing. Instead of watching the clock and hating your life, try a few of these tricks next time you are stuck at the airport.

Take a Day-Trip

Instead of hanging out in a terminal during an extra-long layover, head out into the city and play tourist for half a day. Whether you do some sight seeing, visit a museum or just walk around to get some fresh air, it'll be a much more enjoyable experience than sitting in an airport. If you are traveling internationally, many countries require that you have a visa before legally entering the country. Check with the airport, though, as many offer tours of town to passengers with long layovers (such as Singapore's Changi Airport).

Learn a Skill

What better time to read your new camera's user manual than in the airport? Flash cards or computer programs can help you master a new language or take a Photoshop or Microsoft Office class online to sharpen your computer skills. Instead of wasting time, pass it while learning something.

Lounge Around

Sitting in a hard chair in a crowded terminal might suffice for an hour or two, but not any longer than that. If your layover is longer than five hours and you can't leave the airport, pay the extra fee to gain admittance into a first-class lounge. Many airports have these deluxe waiting rooms where visitors can find comfy seating, enjoy free wi-fi, sleep and sometimes even take a shower. There you can play your jewel quest game, listen to music, watch a movie or take a nap in peace.


Find a corner to sit on the floor and stretch before boarding your flight. You might feel awkward at first, but it'll be worth it. Doing yoga or stretching will help prevent cramped muscles on the plane, and you'll pass time while touching your toes.

Do Things You Usually Wouldn't Have Time For

When was the last time you hand wrote a letter or mailed a post card? Pull out a piece of paper or buy a few post cards from a gift shop and pen a few words to family and friends. Bring your journal and catch up on any life happenings you haven't documented yet. If you have your computer, set up a monthly budget or get a head start on holiday shopping. When stuck at the airport, do things you usually wouldn't have time to do at home.

Avoid Jet Lag

While waiting for your plane, avoid drinking coffee, other highly caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Caffeine will keep you awake or wake you up during your flight and alcohol can leave you dehydrated and worsen the symptoms of jet lag. Instead, drink plenty of water. Some experts suggest drinking at least eight ounces of water for every hour you're in the air.

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