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Need to Vent about Your Recent Travel Experience?

Did you travel over the holiday season and was upset about your air travel experience? Check out this new consumer complaint site, PissedConsumer.com , that offers tips to keep your air travel expectations in check and enjoy your flight.

According to the site, they've had more than 800 passengers complained about U.S. airlines in the last six months on PissedConsumer.com, operated by market research firm Opinion Corp.  Flyers are most often up in arms about refunds they don’t receive, hidden fees, lost and damaged luggage, pricey in-flight food (which isn’t very tasty either), seats being double booked and tickets snafus.

Vladimir Nardin, Executive Director of PissedConsumer.com, offers the following tips to consumers planning to travel:
  • Show up extra early for flights – buy a day pass for the airport lounge, you will be comfortable and relaxed for last-minute snafus
  • Do not check luggage – try packing everything in a carry-on to avoid the possibility of lost or damaged luggage
  • Pack your own meals and snacks – it’s more nutritious, you will save you money, and you will not be disappointed by not having a meal in flight
  • Use miles for an upgrade over a seat – you’ll be more comfortable with the extra leg room and amenities
  • Entertain yourself - come prepared with movies and music loaded onto your iPod or tablet
“Be as self sufficient as possible,” warns Nardin.  “Knowing ahead of time that the flight attendants are actually as harried as they look will help you prepare and enjoy your travel with managed expectations and a bit of extra planning.”

These are some great tips and I will be logging into their site shortly to share some feedback on my recent travels!

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