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For a long time I used the saying 'new year's resolutions' and I would set forth a long list and never get to them. But this year I am doing something different, I have set goals that are realistic and I know there is no way I can fail. My biggest goal is to get fit, shed some inches and feel better about the way I look. I am working hard at this by working out daily (doesn't matter what I am doing at the gym just have to do something!) and changing my eating style...so I am writing this post because thanks to United Soybean Board, I have noticed how much healthier my meals can be by using soy! Soybean oil is one of the most versatile ingredients that you can use in the kitchen, helping you create all your favorite traditional meals without compromising taste.

Some of the dishes that I saw on their awesome site soyconnection.com are ones I am planning to replicate over this long weekend, such as:

Blueberry Soy Muffins Recipe

My favorite part about all of these recipes is that they fit with my new goal and lifestyle. Soybean oil offers better-for-you health benefits and is about a tenth of the cost of some competing oils. Plus, all the recipes are easy to make, low in calories and I have a feeling it is going to be delish! 

Why does this matter to this Traveling Latina? Well, I am doing all of this so when I start to travel again next month, I want to already see changes in my body and not have to take those pics "from the boobs up" because I don't want people to see my belly fat, etc. I want to feel good, look great and take all the pictures I want! 

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