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Discover the Romance of Niagara USA

Ever since Napoleon’s younger brother honeymooned with his American bride at Niagara Falls, and Aaron Burr’s daughter even prior to them in 1804, Niagara USA has been celebrated as one of the world’s most romantic destinations.

In 1843, writer Charles Dickens summarized the romance of the region that has attracted hundreds of thousands of honeymooners and starry-eyed couples: “Niagara was at once stamped upon my heart, an image of beauty; to remain changeless and indelible, until it pulses cease to beat, forever.”
source: niagara-usa.com
Niagara USA still attracts tens of thousands of honeymooners each year. The mystique that attracts lovebirds to the region involves everything from the Falls themselves – with their power and grace – to the region’s quaint small towns that offer relaxation, historic exploration and enjoyment.

Travelers looking for romantic getaways will enjoy stunning outdoor vistas, touring the Niagara Wine Trail and staying at quaint accommodations. Here is just a sampling of Niagara USA’s offerings for couples and honeymooners alike:

Antique shopping: Couples can browse in more than a dozen antique shops throughout Niagara County, including Asti’s Antique Jewelry – a perfect place to find that certain ring; it houses an extensive collection of vintage jewelry.

source: niagara-usa.com
Delectable Meals: Enjoy lunch at Caffe Lola, offering a chic menu and casual setting. Or, try any of Niagara USA’s authentic Italian restaurants, located throughout the region. 

Romantic Tours: Visit the majestic 30-Mile Point Lighthouse for breathtaking views and plenty of hand-holding and photographic opportunities.  Then, take a scenic driving tour, stopping off at Niagara USA’s 17 family-owned wineries.

source: niagara-usa.com
Accommodations: Niagara USA offers 25 hotels, 36 motels, 17 bed and breakfast properties, and vacation rentals, and 12 campgrounds. The Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel is a perfect destination for a luxurious getaway. The four-star Barton Hill Hotel & Spa in Lewiston will offer quaint luxury in a uniquely historic setting. Enjoy a romantic evening at The Giacomo, a premiere luxury boutique hotel located in historic Niagara Falls.

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