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Overseas Sports Tour

If you're looking to watch professional sport overseas what are the main aspects to look out for? Naturally you want tickets to top sporting events but there is so much more to look forward to.

Taking in the game
This is the focal point of your trip and rightly so. If you take in a professionally organised rugby trip or any sporting event in the world then you naturally want to see all the action. So make sure that tickets are booked in advance and that you get the best seats possible.

The best sports travel trips will also provide a guide and usually this is in the form of someone who has played the game at a professional level. On a rugby tour for example, you may be introduced to a former British Lions international who can keep you entertained while providing some valuable insight at the same time. You may even get to meet the players through your contact.

Also, remember to check what your options are when it comes to buying tickets. For example, if you are on a rugby tour then a match only lasts ninety minutes so it's obvious that you're going to want to watch all the big internationals. However, do you want to see all the warm up matches on that tour at the same time? If this is an issue then you must check with your tour operator before you book your trip.

Comfort and luxury
If you're new to travelling on a sports tour then it may be easy to overlook all the other, important aspects of your holiday. Of course, the main point of travelling is to see some of the world's greatest sportspeople at the peak of their game but don't be tempted to forget the basics. Check all the details of your accommodation. Is the hotel meeting with your requirements and is the room comfortable enough? You'll be out and about for much of the time but you'll need to return to the hotel at some stage.

Time for you
Once again, sport is obviously the reason for travelling but is there anything else you want to do during your stay? For example, you may be watching some top rugby in South Africa so why not take the opportunity to see a safari at first hand?
You may not get a better chance to see the sights and sounds of an individual country so see if your itinerary covers it and if it's a vital point for you be sure to make arrangements once you arrive. A sports tour can literally be the 'trip of a lifetime' for many travelers and there are many factors to take into account if you want that holiday to be perfect. Sport is your focal point so make sure that all the games are covered but don't forget those important add-ons.


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