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A Vacation Safari

A number of people these days are moving away from the traditional beach holiday and looking for something a bit more exciting, these people may choose a skiing holiday, or go on a walkabout, they may soak up some culture and see one of the wonders of the world or they may choose to go on a safari.

What is a safari holiday?
A safari is when you go on holiday to view wild animals, and see what they are like when they are in their natural habitat, in Swahili the word safari means journey.  If you book a pre-arranged safari you will have lodges booked for you for the evenings and every day you will take a game drive, working your way through the animals natural environment and seeing how many varieties you can spot.  The main reason to go on a safari is to try to see the Big Five, this being Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhino’s and Buffalo’s. 

Can I only go to Africa to go on Safari?
Whilst most safari’s are in Africa, you don’t have to go to Africa to go on Safari.  There are some other choices available to you such as Tanzania and Costa Rica for example, research the options available to you before making a decision.

Are there different types of safari’s?
Yes, you can take a driven safari, go on safari on foot, horseback or elephant back and even take a boat or plane safari.  There are plenty of specialised safari’s available too:

Gorilla trekking safari: going on a trek to find mountain gorilla’s in their natural habitat is an option.  You will need a permit, trekking groups are kept to a maximum of 8 and viewing is for one hour only.

Chimpanzee walking safari: this is trekking through rainforests to find and see chimpanzees in their natural environment.  In order to keep the environment as natural as possible for the chimpanzees, trekking groups are kept small and viewing the animals is kept to a maximum of one hour at a time.

Family safari’s: these are taken place in malaria free areas of southern Africa usually, the accommodation are lodges and you will have an adjoining room with your child.  This option gives you the chance to have half a safari holiday and half a beach holiday so that you can have the best of both worlds if you choose too.

Luxury safari’s: the accommodation of luxury safari’s are that of luxury tents or lodges, even stately manor houses and even beautiful tree houses, these often come with private pools and/or hot tubs.

Honeymoon safari’s: are similar to a luxury holiday except that it offers more romance and more privacy, for instance you can have dinner by candlelight in a romantic setting each night or you can pay to have your own private vehicle for your game drives.

All inclusive Safari’s: some of the lodges you can stay at while on safari offer all inclusive deals, which include breakfast and dinner and a lunch while you are on the game drive, further to this alcohol and drinks are included.  You may be limited to local alcoholic beverages only, and could even be limited to a certain number of these each day.

Malaria free Safari’s: this is when you go on a safari in the areas of Africa that are Malaria free, these typically being in the South of Africa, this means that you won’t need to take any tablets or have any injections if you don’t want to.

Tailor made Safari’s: you have more choice over how to travel while on safari, what accommodation you have for the evenings and even where you go.

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