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Staying Organized

When I am not traveling, I am in my hometown of Chicago working hard and playing hard but mostly always trying to keep myself organized. It's so difficult at times because many factors can come in the way like family events, friendly get together, working late or even on the weekends and it also happens to me when I am traveling. So to keep everything organized, and to make sure I am stocked on everything I need in my home and in my luggage, I keep a check list (yes I said it, a check list!) nothing fancy but something that I can constantly lean on to make sure I have everything at all times.

One thing I always make sure to have at home is my favorite toilet paper Angel Soft. Angel Soft provides an ideal balance of softness and strength at the value you love! And the best part is that by reading my post today you can download a coupon where you can save some dough (use that extra cash to put it in your travel savings!) Besides the obvious reasons why I also carry toilet paper at home, one moment in life that I am always worried about is not having any when guest come over. I am always hosting people for dinner parties, game nights, football viewing parties, etc. so when I head out to get all the fun treats for our get together I make sure I stock up with more Angel Soft toilet paper that way I am prepared and don't have any last minute surprises.

So how do you stay organized?

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Angel Soft. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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