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I have had the opportunity to have many women in my family circle inspire me and be my mentor. My mother of course is the first one I think of; she had two kids and raised me by herself, has a PhD, teaches full time at Northeastern Illinois University, and has done so much research within the education world that governments around the world have hired her to conduct the same research projects in their country.
My other inspiration is my godmother who is probably the coolest science teacher in the world and within the Chicago Public School system. Both of these women have one thing in common, giving back. They both made sure to teach me the importance of volunteering and how it can impact my local and international community.
That is why when the folks over at P&G's Orgullosa campaign reached out to me to help promote Mujeres Latinas en Accion, a local Chicago organization that empowers Latinas through programs that reflect their values and culture, I had to say yes!
In continuation with its commitment and effort to inspire Latinas, Procter & Gamble’s Orgullosa program has designed the Orgullosa Project- an initiative intended to help Latinas feel empowered, inspired and connected to their community by encouraging them to create positive change in their communities and providing them with the opportunity to support deserving organizations that are positively impacting their society.
The Orgullosa Project has selected five non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting the Hispanic community by providing health, professional services, cultural programming, and educational and professional development opportunities.

These non-profit organizations are: The Puerto Rican Family Institute, La Liga Contra el CΓ‘ncer, Mujeres Latinas en AcciΓ³n, MECA and the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation.
So please help me spread the word and vote for Chicago's Mujeres Latinas en Accion! Voting has already begun and will end June 30th. And to all those in Chicago, I will be hosting a TweetUp on Thursday May 30th at 6pm, location is still TBD but for all my friends, readers, family members, etc that are in Chicago on May 30th please swing by it will be open bar for one hour and heavy apps!

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