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Sizzling Escapes in Sharm el Sheikh

Think of Egypt and what springs to mind? Pyramids, soaring temples and hot, dusty plains crowned with archaeological treasures? Perhaps a leisurely Nile cruise to see soul-stirring sights and to shop for trinkets and souvenirs in bustling bazaars? Or perhaps to you, package holidays in Egypt means long, lazy days on golden sands under cloudless blue skies?

Egypt is all of these things and much, much more. And if you've got beaches on the agenda, you'll certainly hit the jackpot in Sharm El Sheikh.

Famous for its exotic coastal appeal and its vibrant marine life, Sharm el Sheikh has become a huge hit with holidaymakers looking for that all-important combo of sizzling sunshine, gorgeous powder-soft sands and sparkling blue seas. Whether you opt for package holidays or do-it-yourself style breaks, this bewitching Egyptian resort is happy to oblige.

So what can you expect from a spell in Sharm el Sheikh? A year-round temperate climate and long sunny days, for one. Even during the cold drizzly days of an English winter, a trip to the Red Sea resort of Sharm is typically warm and sunny, which makes for a great Christmas getaway or a last-minute escape from the cold.

And if you love exploring the deep, this is definitely the place to be. In fact, Sharm has become something of a scuba diving mecca, with thousands of deep-sea divers travelling from all over the world to explore its crystal-clear waters, rainbow-coloured tropical sea life and vibrant coral reefs. Snorkellers will have a ball too, exploring the shallows and swimming around the local bays discovering all manners of different species of fish and ocean wonders.

One thing's for sure, Sharm el Sheikh is home to a wonderful range of escapes that are bound to serve up the perfect tonic for the winter blues, or a sizzling summer getaway for, well, just because!

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