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Traveling with Kids: What Perks to Look For

When traveling with kids, it’s sensible to look out for some extra perks that will make it as stress-free of a trip as possible. While Neilson family holidays are always something to look forward to, knowing that you have taken advantage of some great deals as well as gaining the peace of mind that your children will be safe and happy within your chosen resort is like the icing on the cake.
Family activity holidays are much anticipated by people all over the UK - a chance to escape the humdrum of everyday life in favour of the sandy beaches of a heavenly European resort. But what things can you look out for which will make your trip even better?
Free Child Places
Keep an eye out for the fantastic free child places that are offered online throughout the year. There’s a chance that whatever beach club you decide to book will have these deals available - you just need to snap them up before they are all taken!
Kids Clubs
There’s a range of inclusive kids clubs available, ran by experienced teams that you can rely on. Whether you’re travelling with babes in arms or hormonal teens that are desperate for a bit of time away from their stifling parents, there are seven clubs to choose from to suit.
Fancy a couple of hours one evening to enjoy a romantic meal for two rather than heading for the restaurant with your little ones clinging to your leg? Supervised evening activities and babysitting services are often available to give you a little ‘you’ time.
Kids Meals
Not every child is easy to feed and, often, you’re faced with fussy eaters that don’t want to eat the same stuff as the grownups. Healthy kids meals are available that will appeal to their tastebuds, every time.
Plan your holiday well to avoid unnecessary hassle and you will be sure to enjoy a vacation offering well-deserved, quality time for you and your brood.

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