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Visiting Norway? Start Planning Your Excursion Here

Norway and its beautiful mountainous countryside attracts adventurers and explorers from around the globe. Tourists flock there to experience its expansive wintry landscapes, intriguing historical sites and the thrill of the fjords. If Norway is your next destination for breathtaking adventure, then check out the following resorts and cities as you should consider visiting.

Ski Resorts

Surrounding Oslo, Norway's capital, you'll find numerous ski resorts for experienced and enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders. Geilo, Norefjell and Kongsberg resorts are located about a half-hour or less away. For families with little, still-learning skiers, you'll find kid-friendly slopes and activities at Geilo, one of the oldest ski resorts in Norway (also known for its first-rate kite-skiing). Norefjell is a skiing hotspot known for its popular vertical runsβ€”the spot was even the site for the alpine skiing events during the Oslo Olympics in 1952. The Kongsberg resort offers diverse slopes for various abilities, including a competitive slalom hill and terrain park.


Curious travelers can discover the history, renowned architecture and exciting outdoor activities during a trip to Trondheim. Located in the county of Sor-Trondelag, Trondheim is home to the Nidaros Cathedral, Tyholt tower and several medieval buildings. For outdoors-y types, there's world-class salmon and trout fishing in the Nidelva river. If you visit during late July to early August, the St. Olav Festival is not to be missed. A celebration of church and culture, the festival honors St. Olav and his death during the Battle of Stiklestad. Experience an array of entertainment, such as concerts and theater performances, as well as pilgrim wanderings and a historical market.


Explorers are drawn to Bergen for sites like the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf and Bergen Fish Market. Tour the Hanseatic wharf and experience what the city was like centuries ago, while you walk narrow alleyways and dark galleries. From Bryggen, ride along the FlΓΈibanen Funicular to FlΓΈien Mountain and indulge in the panoramic views. Take a leisurely nature walk to the bustling Bergen Fish Market, and then move on to admire international paintings and art pieces displayed in gallery art collections across from Lake Lille LungegΓ₯rdsvann. Travelers will also enjoy the Bergen International Festival for its traditional food and performing arts. Among the gourmet fisheries and lively culture scenes, you may end up feeling most captivated by the beautiful wilderness that surrounds the city, with vast mountain plateaus and the dramatic fjords.

Travel Tips

Keep the following international travel safety tips in mind:
  • Limit your trip to two credit cards. Keep one on hand and the second in the hotel room in case of an emergency.
  • Call the credit card companies to tell them where, when and for how long you'll be traveling. Suspicious charges that don't match up will alert them.
  • Avoid looking like a tourist. If you look unaware of your whereabouts, a thief may try to steal your purse or bag. According to Lifelock identity theft experts, of those identity theft victims who knew their information had been stolen, 20 percent said it was from a stolen or lost wallet.
  • Don't ignore Internet connection warnings such as, "This connection is unsecure and others may see your information." Use caution while checking bank accounts online or your work email. 
  • Lock your smartphone with a secure password and security settings. Download a GPS location tracking feature or a security app that erases data if stolen. 

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