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If sticking around on your boring campus or going home to mom and pop isn't your idea of spring break fun, consider hitting the road for a food-filled American drive. Like the Travel Channel's “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” you and your buddies can roll across the U.S., sampling the culinary zeitgeist of each state.

Road Trip Preparations

Any successful road trip begins with a thorough automotive preparation. Pull straws with your friends to see who will drive, go in for an oil change and replace the air filters while you're at it. Enact the old penny trick to check the integrity of the car's tires. Should the treads be worn down to a thin membrane, you and your friends could chip in for some cheap Goodyear tires and be on your way.
Once the car is ready for the long adventure, it's time to hit the road! Be sure to add these four food joints to your itinerary for some truly tasty grub.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven, CT

Pepe's pizzeria has garnered national acclaim for its enormous coal-fired, thin crust pizzas. In business since 1925, this national pizzeria treasure has had plenty of time to perfect its edible craft. Pepe's is most famous for its exquisite white clam pizza. The pie is topped with the freshest clams, grated cheese, garlic, olive oil and oregano for a truly transcendent eating experience. You'll find Pepe's in nearly every “world's best pizzas” list. Needless to say, Pepe's is a must for pizza enthusiasts.

Crown Burgers Salt Lake City, UT

Among Crown Burgers' hundred odd menu items, the eponymous burger of the restaurant's name receives all the glory — for good reason. The Crown Burger is a quarter-pound patty on a sesame seed bun topped with succulent Grecian pastrami, cheese and Thousand Island dressing — or “fry sauce” as its known it Utah parlance. Four Crown Burger joints are scattered throughout Salt Lake City plus three more elsewhere in the Beehive State. Crown Burgers was awarded the “Best Burger in Utah” in 2011.

Central Grocery New Orleans, LA

“For Three Generations Home of the Famous Italian Muffuletta Imitated By Many But Never Duplicated” reads the plaque outside of Central Grocery in New Orleans' French Quarter. This muffuletta has reached sublime sandwich status that incite the store's many patrons to agree that it's the best sandwich they've ever eaten. The legendary sandwich is built from a smörgåsbord of cold cut meats including capicola, ham, salami, mortadella, and pepperoni with Swiss and provolone cheeses, plus relish made from a secret family recipe. USA Today calls it “impossibly tasty” and “a revelation in every bite.” Central Grocery's muffuletta is a New Orleans institution and is well worth the hundreds of miles expedition to savor it.

Angel's BBQ Savannah, GA

Angel's BBQ is a small, unassuming eatery hidden away in a Savannah side street. Angel's is home to the Voodoo Eating Challenge, the same one that Adam Richman tackled on “Man Vs. Food.” It involves wolfing down a one pound pulled pork sandwich slathered with infernal sauce known as “Voodoo Juice,” which gains its fire from chilpepin and ghost chilis — all within five minutes. If stuffing your face with fire doesn't tickle your fancy, try the pulled pork without the time limit and Voodoo Juice. The pork and brisket are tender, succulent and smoky. The barbecue joint is stocked with six “sauces on tap” like the tangy Memphis Sweet and the mustard-based Golden Idol.

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