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Ayia Napa: What’s the Deal?

If Ayia Napa is on your hit list for this year’s "party" vacation, but you’re waiting to be convinced that it’s the right choice, read on – here’s what makes Ayia Napa a special summer destination:

The Island
Floating just below Turkey, Cyprus is a sun-soaked party island bobbing away happily in the bright blue waters of the Med. The sunshine is scorching, the beaches are beautiful and, if you want to cool off, there are three water parks to choose from. What more could you want from an island vacation?

The Resort
While a vacation in Cyprus is always going to be epic, choosing Ayia Napa adds something a little extra to the mix. As the go to party resort on the island, Ayia Napa knows what makes a good party vacation – a wicked beach scene and even crazier night scene.

The Beach
The beach really sets Ayia Napa apart from other destinations, with Nissi Beach being one of the top 10 beaches in the world –yep, that’s right, the WORLD! Move over Mauritius!

The Strip
You’ll find everything on the Ayia Napa strip, from the Flintstones themed Bedrock Club to hardcore grime and garage! Whatever you’re into, your Club 18-30 rep will get you into your perfect place to party on the Napa strip.

The Parties
As well as arranging exclusive perks, like deals on club entry and drinks, the Ayia Napa Club 18-30 rep is a party planner unlike any other! Expect an invite to the most amazing parties on the resort, for a guaranteed good time!

Ayia Napa definitely deserves a place on anyone’s "party" vacation hit list. With a beach to rival those much further flung, and a nightlife to keep you dancing till dawn, it’s more than your average clubbing resort – it’s a clubbing resort, Napa style.

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