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Keep Your Relationship Alive When Traveling

If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you've noticed that I have picked up my travel lately. Started my year in Venezuela, then went to Los Angeles (2x's), New York, Atlanta, Denver, St. Louis (2x's), San Diego, Seattle, Cleveland, Orlando, Washington D.C., and now I'm heading to New York City (again!), San Francisco, St. Louis (again!), Austin, San Antonio and Philadelphia (PHEW!!!) Just writing our all of these locations made me exhausted. Although I love traveling and all the aspects that are involved with it, I truly enjoy coming home.

I love coming back to my condo that I made into a beautiful home with my media naranja Marvin and hang out with him, enjoy arepas for breakfast with my mom and brother, and indulge in homemade dinners with our friends. But one thing I have been hating about coming back home is hearing the same question asked over and over again: "how does your relationship work when you are traveling so much?" Well it is definitely not an easy question to answer because it is not easy. period. Also at times I'm not sure where the question is coming from (whether it is with good or ill intent), so that makes it even harder to answer the question.

Marvin and I at the UIUC Chicago Homecoming Game
We have been creative lately to make sure we keep out relationship in sync and that we do not loose the sizzle. Here are some of the things we have tried that has kept us going:

1. Checking In! I check in with Marvin at least three times a day. Yes that might sound like a lot to you but I call or text Marvin in the morning when I wake up. Then I send him a text in the middle of the day to touch base again to see how everything is going or maybe to vent. And then finally at night, right before we go to bed I give a call or text to say good night. Does it work all the time? No! But we TRY which is the key word...if you want to travel and keep a healthy relationship with your better half you both have to try a little harder to connect, otherwise it just won't work out.

2. Google Hangouts Can Be Fun ;) Recently we have been doing a lot more Google Hangouts and it's been a lot of fun because we can see each others expressions when we are telling stories about our day, put on funny stickers on our video camera (one of the new features for Google Hangouts) and if you dare you can have some extra fun with it just be careful to not have any liquids land on your laptop!

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! I love taking pictures but you know whats more fun?? actually sending them to your better half so he/she can join you on your trip virtually. Its also a nice little surprise to see you have a picture sent to you versus another text saying "what's going on?." OJO! I didn't say to pull an Anthony Weiner now, I'm just saying send a quick picture of your meal or the view of your room, or something that is cool that reminds you of your partner.

View from my Lodge at Lake Crescent Lodge
4. Date Nights! Traveling a lot more and Marvin being in grad school as forced us to have more date nights whether they are at home or at our favorite French restaurant, we always find the time to spend with each other and no additional distractions.

5. Bring Him/Her Along! If you have the budget or extra miles, bring your better half with you on some of these business trips. It can give you both a little break of missing each other and heck if its a new destination for both of you then it will be a lot of fun since you both will be experiencing something new together.

Marvin and I at a Press Trip to Dominican Republic
So there you have it...that's how we keep it strong and that is how you can too! There are also a few more other things on how you can keep your relationship fun while traveling however I am a travel blogger not Carrie Bradshaw so I'll leave those kind of stories for Sex and The City.


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