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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Our National Parks!

1. Learning Can Be A lot of Fun! At each national park you visit you will learn so much history about the park from the ancestors that took care of the park to how the park became park of the U.S. National Parks. Plus each park provides a different kind of experience; for example in Yellowstone you can learn a lot about geysers and at Olympic National Park you can understand why certain kinds of moss grow on trees.

Just some mushrooms growing off a log at Hall of Mosses in Olympic National Park
2. Being a Park Ranger is Probably the Coolest Job Out There! During my recent trip to Olympic National Park, I met some of the most passionate, hard working, extremely hilarious park rangers. Each ranger came from different parts of the country but had one thing in common...their connection and love for mother nature. When we asked them why they chose this job? they all agreed that being outdoors and their curiosity for nature is why they felt being a park ranger was the perfect job for them.

Crystal Roberts from Brown Girls Fly Learning Something New from Park Ranger Jon at Olympic National Park
3. You Will Always Be Surprised! I love surprises and going to national parks you can always expect to be surprised by mother nature. In Yellowstone we got stopped several times by the wildlife crossing the roads it was beautiful to see these creatures and in Olympic I got a chance to see a double rainbow while doing a boat ride through Lake Crescent. That moment when I saw two rainbows was breathtaking and amazingly enchanting, I would've never seen that if I only traveled to major cities or beaches for vacations. 

Double Rainbow at Lake Crescent
4. So Much To Do, So Little Time! All these national parks you will have the opportunity so many activities whether it is hiking mountains or rain-forests, kayaking, biking, running or even white water rafting...national parks has everything available for the crazy adventurer in you. 

On Top of a Rock During My Hike of Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park
5. You Can Camp or Lodge it! For some reason the majority of the people who hear the words 'national parks' they automatically think that you have to go camping out in the wild. I mean if that is your thing or you have never done it before, you should at least experience it once in your life. But for everyone else that can't bare the thought of being in a tent and sleeping bag for days, the national parks offer some awesome lodging opportunities such as Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park. Or another option is to rent a house near the national park, the last time I did this I rented a gorgeous home with three bedrooms and a hot tub with an amazing view of the Gran Tetons all thanks to airbnb

Carol Cain from Girl Gone Travel and I enjoying the Sunset at Lake Crescent Lodge

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