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Why Minorities Should Visit National Parks [The New York Times]

Matthew Ryan Williams for The New York Timeshttp://bit.ly/1aTDEaT
During my recent trip to Olympic National Park, we had an amazing friend join us on a two mile hike through the rain forest that lead us to an amazingly enchanting beach called Second Beach. This friends name is Kirk Johnson from the New York Times. He spent time with each one of us Travelistas in Nature to ask us questions about experience at Olympic and why minorities aren't visiting national parks. Well two weeks after our first interaction, Kirk wrote a beautiful article about our experience and the lack thereof minorities visiting national parks. 
Below I have shared the part of the story where I am quoted/mentioned in...please make sure to read the full article on their website or pick up today's print version where you can see a small blurb in the front page and on page 3 of the newspaper. 
[the reporter had asked me if I would share to my readers that no people of color come to the national parks, my response below]

But Ana Serafin, 29, a Venezuelan-born member of the team who writes the blog Traveling Latina, said she would probably not talk to her readers about it. “It might scare them,” she said.

[why did I say that? well in my personal opinion, I have had friends and readers who have mentioned to me that they won't travel to XYZ destination because they already know they won't find people of their same background there. So I have chosen to not write about the lack of seeing other people like me at the countries, cities, parks I travel to because it discourages some people to travel.] 
The natural beauty of Olympic National Park and Second Beach, though, was unquestioned and overwhelming, she and the others said. “Photographer’s heaven,” Ms. Serafin said as she began snapping shots.

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