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Baby, It's Cold Outside: Time to Find a Romantic Getaway

If you typically hunker down during the winter months, wistfully hoping summer will arrive soon so you can spend time at a romantic destination with that special someone, you may be missing out. For many people, the winter months have actually become a popular time to travel. In fact, more than $5.83 billion were spent at ski resorts alone during the 2011 to 2012 time period, according to the National Ski Areas Association.
Of course, hitting the slopes isn't the only thing people like to do during the winter. A large number of people prefer to escape the cold altogether and head to warmer climes. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic cold weather destination where you can play in the snow during the day and cuddle by a crackling fire at night, or you'd rather hit the sands of a tropical beach with your special someone, there is a perfect location waiting to welcome you this winter.

Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Photo by Enricokamasa via Wikimedia Commons
Set against a gorgeous backdrop of rugged mountains, the town of Jackson Hole has a charming Old West feel that makes it a perfect spot for a romantic getaway. In Jackson Hole, you can ski to your heart's delight during the day and then retire to a lovely lodge, such as the Rustic Inn Creekside Resort and Spa at Jackson Hole, which is located near the National Elk Refuge. The inn offers several massage packages, as well as a Romantic Amenities package, that includes rose petals, wine and decadent chocolate-dipped strawberries upon your arrival.

New York City

Photo by aturkus via Flickr
Winter is, arguably, the most magical and romantic time of the year in New York City. The air is filled with the delicious scent of roasting chestnuts, couples are cuddling under blankets on horse-drawn carriages and the streets are electric with excitement. The only drawback is rooms can be hard to find and very pricey. To combat that, why not look across the Hudson River for a room in New Jersey. By choosing a hotel in New Jersey located close to the PATH train, you can easily commute into New York City. Plus, you will usually get a much larger and less expensive room than you could find in the Big Apple.

An All-Inclusive Resort

Photo by breezy via Flickr
If you or your beau find planning a vacation to be stressful, consider booking your romantic getaway at an all-inclusive resort. At these resorts, just about everything you will need — lodging, food, drinks, entertainment, and activities — are included in the price. This will minimize the amount of time you will need to invest into planning your trip.
Not sure where to go? Travel & Leisure reports San Juan, Puerto Rico, is an excellent choice for a midwinter getaway because it isn't crowded, and it boasts a number of affordable all-inclusive resorts. The best part of Puerto Rico? It's a United States territory, so you won't need a passport.

Before You Go

  • If you are driving to your vacation destination, make sure to give your vehicle a once-over. Winter weather can be treacherous, so check to see if your tires are in good shape and are appropriate for the type of conditions you will be heading into. If not, you will need to purchase new ones. You can purchase tires at tirebuyer.com for your trip and have them delivered for free directly to a local installer.
  • You never know when a big winter storm can ruin your plans, so if you are planning on flying to your destination, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance in case your flight gets delayed or canceled due to a blizzard.

Getting Ready for The Holidays

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