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Explore Antarctica with Air New Zealand

So as I sit here at St. Louis airport waiting for probably the longest flight route to take back home to Chicago, I got this awesome email from Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand is looking for someone to be a spokesperson for Antarctica. They'll spend two weeks with researchers and a NatGeo photographer, exploring the stark landscape and learning about the threats to its environment. In an effort to raise awareness about global environmental issues and the scientific research underway in Antarctica to address them, the winning candidate will tweet and blog about the experience to viewers around the world.

The winner will undergo cold weather training in Christchurch, New Zealand early next year, then team up with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards to fly to Antarctica for two weeks. 

Antarctica: No Ordinary Place, No Ordinary Assignment is a new project sponsored by Air New Zealand, in partnership with Antarctica New Zealand, the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute and National Geographic. 

To apply, readers must showcase their ability to bring a National Geographic video to life by recording commentary over the video or writing an entry. For more, visit www.airnewzealand.com/voiceforantarctica. Good luck to all my readers who participate in this contest!

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