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Get On Your Bike and Go See The World

You've never tasted the sweetness of freedom unless you've done so on the back of a motorcycle. No other vehicle lets you get to where you want to go while letting the weight of the world drop of of your back. The Bureau of Transportation estimates some 5 million motorcycles cruise streets and interstates as bikers and hobbyists alike search out a new way to get away from civilization. With a motorcycle, you can see parts of the world that you would never see from the driver's seat of an SUV or even a plane.


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The southern half of South America rises above the rainforests and rivers of its northern counterpart, shooting magnificent crags and peaks into the sky without concern. Patagonia encompasses Chile and Argentina and has a reputation for some of the most harrowing and beautiful sights on the world. Glaciers that carve out entire chunks of mountain like the Cueva de las Manos, leaving behind geometric wonders as well as still lakes and miles of open terrain. Motorcyclists may just want to explore the scenery, the tiny mountain towns, the wildlife, or the native cuisine without a timetable, but Travel And Leisure suggests booking hotels early to avoid the summer rush.

The Mediterranean Wine Belt

Photo of Catalonia by Rachel via Rail Europe
Every motorhead knows not to drink and drive, but finishing up a drive with a drink may just well be the best way to travel. This trip puts a ton of miles on your bike, so make sure your maintenance is up to date and you have updated tires and parts that may not be available when you jet across the south of Spain, France, and Italy. Your tires go through nearly a thousand miles when you cruise the Mediterranean coast. Start in Catalonia, Spain, and stop in Priorat to see some of the oldest vine terraces in the world. Continue into Nice and check out the Azur Wine enotourism scene. Finish the journey by driving down the Tuscan coast and finding Barone Ricasoli Winery, the second-oldest winery in the world.

This Wall Is Really Great

Photo of the Great Wall of China by Severin.stalder via Wikimedia Commons
One of the world's monuments to human production, the Great Wall of China stretches some five thousand miles across the northern part of the country. You may not see it all, but be sure to check out the Juyongguan Pass, where the most guards patrolled the wall to prevent Mongol hordes from rampaging across their turf. Keep going westward from the coast until you hit Liao Tian Ling. You'll swear the wall turns a silver hue after miles and miles of brickwork. Your eyes do not deceive you: the stone used to build this portion of the wall came from an ancient silver mine so that many of the stones retain small flecks of precious metal.

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