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Last minute holiday travel change? Sell your hotel room on Hallst.com.

HallSt.com creates a Free Marketplace for hotel reservations and hotel room buyers

In the past, if you paid in advance for a hotel room and didn’t use it you were out of luck and money. HallSt.com has created a world-wide system for hotel users to buy, sell back and share hotel rooms around the world – allowing for less expensive, more flexible travel. This works for any time of travel lifestyle – from business to backpacking – including attending large public events in cities where hotel rooms are scarce and at a premium.

The Hall St. system allows travelers to negotiate bookings and the price they want to pay with the hotel – and hear back in 30 minutes or less if their offer has been accepted. Using their Book Now feature, bookings happen fast with short wait times.

More than 100,000 hotels and members. Membership is Free.

Member-to-member bookings: now you can buy, at a steep discount, hotel rooms from Hall St. members who can’t use their room – and want to sell it to another Hall St. member. More than 100,000 hotels and members who resell hotel rooms are waiting for member offers.

Double Up with like-minded people to save even more on your room

Or, to save even more money with like-minded members who are amenable to sharing a hotel room – 2 can stay for the price of 1.

3 ways to book a hotel room with HallSt.com

1 – Negotiate Bookings: Propose your own price to the hotel and try to get the room for less. With Hall St.’s “30-minute response guarantee” they promise to get back to you within half an hour.

2 – Fast Bookings: The “Book Now” button on the HallSt.com website enables you to rapidly book a room with essentially no waiting time.

3 – Member-to-Member Bookings: Save even more by buying hotel reservations from other Hall St. members who can’t personally use them – or find others who are up to sharing their hotel room with you.

Heading to a big, public event?

Going to an annual event that draws hundreds of thousands of people? A big rock concert? Depending upon the city and the expected event attendance, hotel room prices can swiftly rise as the inventory dwindles. Or rooms simply are not available at any price you want to pay. Use the Hall St. Marketplace to buy or share a room in that city for that event.

Change in Travel Plans?
Sell your room on the Hall St. marketplace – even if you bought it on another travel site

Don’t lose your money. You are not stuck with a room you can’t use. Sell it to other Hall St. members. Even if you have booked the room on another travel site you can still sell it to the Hall St. marketplace.

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