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I am excited to announce that myself along with my two blogger friends Rory from Mama Contemporanea and Vanessa from Queen of Swag are the official blogger ambassadors for the Procter & Gamble program, Nueva Latina.

To launch this initiative, we all traveled to New York City and enjoyed an evening of pampering, great cocktails, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and getting to learn more about the Nueva Latina campaign.

During the event we also had the chance to welcome some strong Latina celebrities such as Lala Anthony and Roselyn Sanchez.

My favorite part of the night was definitely the Nueva Latina monologues. This was a 30 minute show consisted of short story skits where the cast fully went into explaining some of the beautiful struggles we "nueva latinas" go through day in and day out. These ladies were fantastic and I can say I personally connected with a lot of the brief skits and I can't wait to see it again at Hispanicize 2014.

Now you might be asking, what does Nueva Latina mean?

Nueva Latina is a campaign that rests on the notion that there is no singular definition to describe the Latina experience and her blended cultures. Showcasing the evolution of the Latino community that lives in "two worlds": one that holds onto its cultural roots while the other immerses into an American life.

When I received the opportunity to work on this campaign I immediately said yes because I truly know how it feels to be an immigrant constantly looking for ways to hold onto my Venezuelan/Spanish roots while living in the "American dream."

At home, I am all about enjoying my

arepas con huevo frito y queso del año

, and when I am out with friends I love to indulge in a variety of different meals such as Thai, Italian, Korean, French, etc. At home, I'm speaking Spanish with my family and spanglish with my fiancee but when I am out with friends I am speaking mostly English and if I have to share something "juicy" to a Latina friend then I say it in Spanish.

I am proud to be a Nueva Latina and I can't wait to share more about this program while I am at Hispanicize 2014. Are you heading to Miami for #HISPZ14? Follow me so you can learn about some fun giveaways we will be doing during the April 2nd luncheon.

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts expressed are my own*

Destinacion: Costa Rica - Semana Santa

Destinacion: Costa Rica - Semana Santa

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